I'm 20 years old, ended my studies this year and searching a job in game/level design.

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The Lab

Role Play games

Gamer for 5 years, I'm now a dungeon master in
"Donjon de Naheulbeuk". Many RPG passed through my hands to discover many mechanics and universes.
From "The Call of Cthulhu" to Black Flag, Uchronia or
Star Wars and obviously Dungeon and Dragon,
and i still want to expand my knowledge in fantastic worlds.

Larp games

Seeking for new sensations in role playing,
i was attracted by
LARP game and murder party.
I began to develop my own rules for LARP.
This led to the world of MustaVeri.


Before Relo playing games, I discovered
wargames with Warhammer.
Using the chaotic forces of Skavens I designed
my own terrain and i will build it until the end of the year.
Picture coming soon...

Medieval fencing

Since my childhood, I'm passionate in Medieval age.
This passion led me to practice Medieval fencing in club.
Fencing practice is based on staging and esthetics fighting.
The practice of dueling sword, one handed sword and staff
fight is for me an important way to express myself.

Medieval reenactment

During medieval festivals where
"les Chevaliers de la dame d'Anet" involved,
I teach to children and adults how to handle swords and share my knowledges about medieval age.

You want more? Serious?

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