I love video games conception since i'm 14.
Like all children who loves Video games I began with RPG Maker XP.
With this software I started programing and then discovered the Level and Game Design...

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The Lab

The sand Emperors

This map is an addon for Dota 2. It was created with the hammer editor. This is an all pick map. I wanted to create a map using the dota mechanics, but that did not look like the initial map.

Roll Them

Roll Them is a small BTA that i created alone to increase my programing skills. I'm still working on it but you can already find it on the store.

Game Trap

Game Trap is the project from my student year in level design. This is a plateformer puzzle game where the gamer can change gravity to resolve the puzzles. It's available on the google store and also to our website with the web player.

Ball colors maze

Discover a new adventure / platformer game with more than 50 levels to play and a lot of magic crystals to find. You have the power to change your color to avoid obstacles and go to the magic portal.


Bunker is my first map done in the software UDK. This is a "capture the flag" playable for 6 to 8 players.

Age of Moba

Age of Moba is a map done on the scenario editor of age of Conquerors. Great fan of Moba, I created this map to mix the mechanics of a RTS like Age of Empire and the basics of Moba. You can find it in the steam workshop for 1v1 or 3v3.


Larp Gamer for many years, I created my own universe and rules. This led to Mustaveri. If you want to read the rules and basics of the univers, you should learn french before...


Finally my first real project close to video games that I developed was Antica. This game is a RPG in Antic Greece where gamer learn about the gods, the myths and everyday life. the game is targeting 6th grade children and was developed for my final year of university degree in SRC.

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